Asteroid size of football pitch to collide with Earth’s orbit at 30,000mph today

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An asteroid roughly the size of a football pitch is set to collide with Earth’s orbit today at a speed of 30,000mph according to the latest NASA data.

NASA's centre for Near Earth Object Studies is tracking an asteroid travelling through space at a whopping 30,265mph – and it is set to collide with Earth's orbit on Wednesday October 14.

The giant space rock is estimated to be anywhere between 41m and 92m, equivalent to 131ft or 301ft.

To put this into perspective, the asteroid, nicknamed (2020 TU2), is the same length of the lower requirements for a standard adult-sized football pitch.

According to UK guidelines, a football pitch must be between 90m and 120m and the width no less than 45m and no more than 90m.

Asteroid TU2 is classed as an Apollo asteroid, which is an asteroid that collides with Earth's orbit as it passes through space.

It is currently travelling at a distance of 16.43 LU away, which is approximately 3,923,540 land miles.

NASA estimates TU2 to pass our planet at 6.07pm (18:07) Eastern Standard Time, which is the equivalent to 11.07pm (23:07) British Summer Time.

The asteroid was first observed by the space agency on the 10th June 2020 and once it has safely passed, won't visit Earth until 2022.

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Astronomers are tracking hundreds of asteroids at all times and TU2 is one of 9 space rocks to fly past the planet this week alone.

NASA is also keeping a close eye on asteroid 2020 TD, 2020 TO2, 2020 RM6, 2020 TE2, 2020 TQ3, 2020 TH3, 2020 TG AND 2020 TK3 this week.

Like TU2, all asteroids are Apollo asteroids, and are expected to pass Earth safely.

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