Aurora man sentenced to life in prison for shooting death of another man.

An Aurora man was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for the shooting death of another man in a residential complex parking area.

Cameron Scott Costello, 26, was sentenced for the death 33-year-old Brandon Brabson, according to the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office.

Brabson was shot in the back of the head on June 23, 2020, outside 912 S. Dearborn Way, the Sable Cove residences. On July 28, a jury found Costello guilty of first-degree murder in Brabson’s death.

“This man with a gun took matters into his own hands and executed a father of three,” said
District Attorney John Kellner, in a news release. “This sentence is appropriate for a murder in cold blood. No sentence will bring Mr. Brabson back to his family, but perhaps they can find some healing in putting this phase behind them.”

Brabson was at the apartment complex that night trying to speak with his former girlfriend, who
had a restraining order against him. The former girlfriend was disturbed that Brabson was trying to contact her and asked for assistance from friends and neighbors in urging Brabson to leave, according to the release and an arrest affidavit in the case.

Costello was at the apartment complex to deliver something to his ex-wife, who lived there. He
was seen on surveillance video with Brabson just moments before the shooting. No one else was with the two men at the time. Investigators used clips from video surveillance cameras at the complex as part of the case.

When Aurora police arrested Costello “he had with him the gun that had killed Brabson,” the release said. Prosecutors said the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Arapahoe County District Court Judge Elizabeth Weishaupl imposed the statutory sentence in the case.


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