Baby given puppy for his birthday and the pair become instant friends

A baby has made his first friend after his parents bought him a golden retriever puppy for his birthday.

Little Frem was filmed being carried by his to the living room for a little surprise.

Footage shared on TikTok by Jack Frank shows the baby making his way to a white paper box, decorated with blue ribbon, in the middle of the room.

His mum comes over and lifts up the lid, saying: "It's your birthday present – what's in it? Let's find out, let's open it."

Frem holds onto the box while waiting excitedly to find out what is inside the box.

He turns wide-eyed and gasps after seeing a cute fluffy pup wagging its tail.

The baby looks up at his mum in excitement and can't stop smiling as he touches the puppy's nose.

The curious golden retriever is keen to meet his new friend and gently lets out a whine when he lifts his head and sniffs around.

Frem's father asks: "You like it, boy?"

The answer is obvious from Frem's infectious chuckle.

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  • The pair get along straight away when the parents place the puppy closer to the birthday boy.

    The clip has garnered more than 10.9 million views, with thousands of comments praising the love between the new friends.

    One said: "Crying because I know they're literally going to be best friends forever."

    "You already know they're going to be inseparable!" A second wrote. "And the baby's laugh made me cry! He's so cute."

    A third said it's one of the "purest" things he's ever seen.

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