Baby ‘tried to wake dead mum up’ who had just been ‘suffocated in raid’

The baby of a Brit murder victim found dead in Greece was "hitting her mum" and trying to "wake her up" while her lifeless body was tied up, the country's police told press on Thursday.

Brit mum Caroline Crouch, 20, was murdered during a horror break-in at her home in Athens, Greece, where she lived with her husband, Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, and 11-month-old daughter.

Police were alerted to the attack by a neighbour who received a troubling early-morning call from Charalambos – known as Babis – in which he was screaming.

The neighbour told Mail Online she thought the pair had a medical problem and came to investigate, but realised the extent of the crime, and phone authorities.

An officer identified only as Christos said the couple’s baby was half on her dead mother "screaming and hitting" her, trying to wake her up with her hands.

He told MailOnline dad Babis was tied up, blindfolded and gagged on the floor upon arrival and had used his nose to dial the last number called, which was their neighbour.

Police didn't realise Caroline was dead until they got closer a saw her "pale and frowning" with her hands tied behind her back.

The 11-month-old was "half on her, screaming and hitting her mother with her hands to wake her up," the officer said.

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Babis and Caroline's neighbour came out of her house after police arrived and saw Babis "in shock" and unable to speak.

She said: "I came outside and I saw the police were here. Babis was in shock and could not speak.

"Babis was holding the baby. I went inside and got a blanket to wrap up the baby. The grandmother came and took the baby."

The dad told police he was asleep when a gang of thieves broke into their apartment at 5am armed with handguns and tied him up on the floor.

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Raiders turned to Caroline and tied her to the bed before demanding "where's the money?" in broken Greek.

Babis told the thugs the couple had cash at home because they had recently bought a plot of land to build on, and revealed their hiding spot – inside a Monopoly box.

The thieves then demanded more money and jewellery, pointing a gun at their child's temple before killing Caroline when she started screaming, Greek media claim.

"I heard my wife screaming for help tied to the bed while I was tied to the floor, we screamed not to be hurt.

"The baby was crying, my wife was crying and someone or some people were looking for the house to find more money and jewelry. Suddenly they left the room and I couldn't hear my wife's voice anymore," Babis told police.

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