Banksy filmed in the act as new street art appears in seaside town

The mysterious artist Banksy was filmed in the act while spray-painting new murals in coastal towns in East Anglia.

Banksy, who describes himself as an "overrated graffiti artist", shared a video of himself stenciling his latest creations with his 11 million Instagram followers on Friday (August 13).

The anonymous artist, dressed in dock boots, black jeans, and a grey hoodie, keeps his identity hidden by wearing his hood up and avoiding having his face in the shots.

He shows himself cheering up dreary walls with his paintings, which include a seagull cleverly painted above a builder's skip so it looks like it is nicking some chips.

Other beach-themed artworks have a social justice theme, such as hermit crabs being prevented from new shells because of "rich rentals only".

Driving around in a campervan to blend in, he then makes one artwork of a couple dancing to the tune of an accordion.

He positions it perfectly so when viewed from a distance it looks they are dancing on the roof of a bus stop.

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Banksy also paints a rat relaxing under a beach parasol, with rodents being a frequent subject matter of his art.

This is probably derived from the famous French graffiti artist "Blek le Rat" who is one of the early pioneers of the stencil technique and often painted rats in his home city of Paris.

His post, titled "A Great British Spraycation", racked up millions of views in just a few hours, with his fans gushing with admiration for his artwork.

One user commented: "And there you are hidden in plain sight!"

A second person said: "The dancing couple is just so amazingly beautiful and detailed!

"I can't imagine anyone getting their panties in a twist over that one."

"Making the world a better place," wrote another supporter.

A fourth user remarked: "So much beauty and poetry thank you, Banksy."

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