Bare-knuckle fighter staged naked protest’ in prison canteen after bloody scrap

A bare-knuckle fighter who was nearly killed in a knife fight has described how he staged a nude protest in prison.

Darren Hendry fights in BKB, a legalised bare-knuckle competition that takes place in the UK, which matches up opponents for often-bloody gloveless bouts in the ring.

Outside of the sport, the ‘Dazzler’ has also been involved in a number of violent disputes, and bears considerable scars on his head and body as a mark of the incidents.

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Darren even once spent six months in jail on remand for an offence, and speaking on Shaun Attwood’s True Crime podcast, he suggested that he was once forced to stage a protest as a result of the conditions behind bars.

“I like to wear my own stuff, not the prison-issued s***,” he began, before claiming that the prison staff would often fail to return his clothes after they had been washed.

“So one day I walked down to lunch stark b*****k naked except for my flip-flops. I was stark b*****k naked like, ‘where’s my dinner?’

“All the screws came round me like, ‘Hendry put your f*****g clothes on’, and the next day my clothes were brought to my cell.”

The bare knuckle fighter was in prison at the same time that coronavirus restrictions were locking down Brits into their homes, and he suggested that life inside was “boring” because of the fact that prisoners were forced into their cells.

But, life wasn’t particularly easy on the outside, either. During the same podcast episode, Darren described how he had nearly died during a violent scrap in March 2020, shortly before coronavirus restrictions were imposed.

The fighter explained that he had been involved in a dispute with someone online, before he decided to take matters into his own hands by paying him a visit.

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“His uncle’s come out to me aggressively, so I’ve slapped his uncle up, and when my back was turned he’s plunged a knife into the base of my neck, and then he’s cut me down here [gesturing to the side of his head] and then one in the shoulder," he recalled.

“That one was quite bad, so I lost a lot of blood… I’ve gone to my car and I was going to drive off, but then I was just losing so much blood…”

Thankfully for Darren, he was spotted by a local dog walker, who quickly called for an ambulance, and the Brit was rushed to hospital for stitches in his wounds.


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