Bars offering £10 work from pub packages as Brits get bored of home

Bars are offering all-day "Work From Pub" packages, starting at a tenner.

Customers fed up of working from home can stock up on food, booze and endless tea and coffee. It also helps workers save cash as energy costs rocket.

The move comes as pubs fight to stay afloat amid the cost-of-living crisis, with 50 bars a month closing after many saw their bills double.

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Luke McMillan, who runs biodegradable flip-flop business Sea Sense, has been working from the The Flintgate pub in Weybridge, Surrey, since he gave up his office space to cut costs.

He said: "I find working from the kitchen table soul-destroying. The pub is great for its laidback atmosphere – and the best bit is that you get to bond with other pub workers."

His £15 deal includes the use of power, quiet stations, unlimited tea and coffee, lunch and a pint or gin and tonic at the end of the day.

National pub chain Young’s has the packages for £15 a day at 185 of its outlets, which usually includes a sandwich, lunch and unlimited hot drinks.

Microbrewery pub chain Brewhouse and Kitchen's "workspace" option is £10 a day, and features wi-fi, printing, quiet spots, power sockets, hot and soft drinks.

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Security consultancy business runner James Bore says he loves the Duck In The Pond, north London, as "for £10 you get a bacon sandwich, a table with a plug for the day and free unlimited tea and coffee".

The news of working from pubs comes as one of England's "greatest pubs" was found to have been displaying a "severed hand" that marks its haunted past.

Daily Star reported Haunch of Venison's haunted history, with the pub home to a series of paranormal oddities, including a hand found in a fireplace.

The hand has since been removed from the property as it had been stolen and subsequently returned twice over the course of ten years.

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