BBC Europe weather: Intense heatwave to give way to heavy thunderstorm deluge IN HOURS

BBC Weather: Europe forecast widespread dry conditions

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BBC Weather orecaster Darren Bett said the scorching heat will be pushed towards this area of the continent on Wednesday, where it is currently still dry and sunny, with temperature into the high 30s in many cities. The latest weather maps show scorching heat of in 39C Nicosia, Cyprus, 38C in Bucharest, Bulgaria, 36C in Athens, and 32C in Budapest, Romania.

While it will remain dry in the southeast and through the eastern side of the Mediterranean where temperatures will remain above 30C, Mr Bett warned of possible thunderstorms over the Apennine Mountains and the Alps.

He said in his latest Europe weather forecast: “The more intense heat across Europe is getting squeezed more to the southeast, where it is still dry and sunny.

“Things are more unsettled across Scandinavia in particular where it is drier and this much cooler is coming in behind this weather front This will continue to work its way from Poland and up towards Moscow.

“Following on from that, this cooler, fresher weather is likely to come from Scandinavia and bringing with it some showers.

“It could take some showers into some eastern parts of Europe.

“It is still dry through in the southeast and through the eastern side of the Mediterranean where we have those high temperatures.

“But a few thunderstorms are likely over the Apennine Mountains and the Alps as well.”

It will remain dry across Iberia on Wednesday, but “not as hot as it has been”, with temperatures of 35C in Madrid, 28C in Barcelona and 27C in Lisbon.

But while it will also remain dry across the UK and northwest Europe, wetter weather is more likely to be across more northern parts of Scandinavia on Thursday.

The Baltic states are likely to be hit by rain, which could turn thundery around the Alps and towards Bulgaria and Romania.

Temperatures will dip slightly below the highs they are forecast to hit on Wednesday, with 36C in Madrid, 35C in Athens, 33C in Bucharest, 31C in Roma and 29C in Barcelona.

Mr Bett added: “The wetter weather is more likely to be across more northern parts of Scandinavia as we head into Thursday.

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“Some showers are likely across those Baltic states and some heavy thundery showers around the Alps and perhaps heading towards Bulgaria and Romania.”

But in good news for holidaymakers at the peak of summer, the scorching weather will continue in Athens while temperatures will nudge up in southeast Europe as showers make their away from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Several other major European cities, including London, Paris and Berlin, will also continue to enjoy fine weather, with temperatures into the early 30s in the French capital this weekend.

The forecaster concluded: “Still dry in Greece and looks like it will stay dry, hot and sunny in Athens for the outlook.

“As the showers move away from Sofia, the temperatures will rise as well but only around 20C in Helsinki.

“It’s warmer than that in Berlin and also for a while in London and Paris, with temperatures not changing much in Madrid.”

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