BBC Weather: Britain to bake in 30C sunshine as weekend heatwave grips nation

BBC Weather: UK set to bask in temperatures of 30C

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BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas said the UK will see temperatures just shy of 30C on Friday. She went on to say temperatures will increase further going into the weekend. There will be patches of cloud for some northern parts of Scotland but for the majority of people, the weather is expected to be bright and hot.

Ms Keith Lucas said: “We are not going to see wall to wall sunshine through the course of the day.

“There is a weather front that is close to the west of the UK so that is going to bring a bit more cloud and a few spots of rain across the north west of Scotland.

“We also have a bit of early cloud across parts of East Anglia and the south east too.

“But that should burn back so long spells of sunshine today and those temperatures are going to respond nicely.”

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The BBC weather forecaster explained that temperatures could range from between 21C and 27C on Friday.

Glasgow is most likely to see the lower temperature of 21C while Cardiff could see the highest of 27C.

She continued: “So light winds, strong sunshine and a little bit of cloud just bubbling up through the day for parts of northern England.

“It will even be a touch cooler around the coast.

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The sunshine is expected to last into the evening most parts of the UK as well.

Temperatures are expected to rise even further into the weekend.

Saturday will see a max temperature of 29C with a very similar picture to Friday.

Ms Keith Lucas closed by explaining the scorching temperatures the UK is set to see on Sunday.

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She said: “Into Sunday a similar sort of day, particularly for England and Wales.

“There will be lots of sunshine around and it is going to feel hot.

“Sunday will likely prove to be the peak of the heat with temperatures up to about 30C. 

“Of course not everyone a fan of the heat and it will be a bit cooler in the north of the UK.”

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