BBC Weather: Brits brace themselves for widespread frost as wind bring -4C conditions

BBC Weather forecasts frost with clear skies across the UK

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Weatherman Matt Taylor predicted dropping temperatures in the UK to around minus four degrees to five degrees in the North and Scotland. The Met Office has also issued one weather warning for a flood to be expected today and a further  21 flood alerts have also been issued for possible floods around the country. Mr Taylor also told Brits to expect patches of rain in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. And in Wales and in parts of Northern England Mr Taylor forecasted widespread frost.

Mr Taylor said: “And overall the weekend, more wildly turning drier, where some of you start wet.

“Good sunny spells to be had, like we’ve got this morning it could be a bit frosty by night into the first part of the day.

“Temperatures at the moment are at minus four to minus five degrees in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“The cloudiest conditions come from this weather front, this is the satellite imagery just with the weather front drawn on just to show it’s not moved a great deal.

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Mr Taylor added: “And only starts to shift through today, high pressure moves in across the North but then that only drags the cloud back Westwards once again.

“So in some parts of the South West will start sunny, we could see some more cloud here later.

“There it is on the chart forecast for the day, outbreaks of rain and drizzle parts of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire through East Anglia towards the South East.

“It will come and go, light and patchy for some of you, head further West and North. Blue skies overhead some of staying that way all day long, particularly for the far North West of England and Scotland, Northern Ireland later showers in the West.

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Mr Taylor added: “Lightest of the winds here so, even if it’s been a frost start, it will feel very pleasant this afternoon. with that strengthening sunshine on your back.

“But there, quite a breeze blowing across some Eastern parts of England, and lack of sunshine, it will be a chilly day.

“Now into this evening and overnight, you can see how this weather front gets on the move, the cloud continues to spell its way Southwards and Westwards into parts of Wales too.

“One or two showers from that, temperatures by and large above freezing, but good colours in the chart widespread frost in parts of Wales, Northern England especially North West into Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Mr Taylor added: “Like last night minus four and minus five for some into tomorrow, a few mist and fog patches as well.

“But Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland another cracker of a day, blue skies overhead light winds.

“More breeze across Southern areas but while we will see some cloud push across the skies may be bringing in an isolated shower.

“Most will be dry here and certainly to East Anglia the South East, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire a much sunnier day to come.”

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