BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns freezing fog to plague UK as -5C chill takes over

BBC Weather warns of freezing fog and -5C chill

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BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood warned Brits that the fog that has been creeping across certain parts of the country “will be freezing” as temperatures plummet. Ms Kirkwood explained that some parts of England and Wales could see temperatures drop to as low as -5C because of the cold weather taking over. And it looks to be a dryer in the South as we start to head into the weekend as only frost is expected.

Ms Kirkwood: “We do have fog this morning, Met Office warning across some Southern parts of England.

“The West Midlands as well, and that will slowly lift and we’ll see a bit more sunshine through across England and also Wales.

“For Nothern Ireland, you’ve got more cloud around today, and for Northern and Western Scotland you’ve got more cloud.

“With the odd spot of drizzle, Eastern and Southern Scotland seeing a bit more sunshine.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “The other thing today is it’s going to be windy across the far North of Scotland.

“And possibly in Shetland, gusting as much as 50 miles an hour but it’s clear that we’ve got the highest temperatures.

“Come South generally we’re looking at six to eight degrees.

“Now into the clear skies tonight once again the fog will reform quite quickly.

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Weather: Met Office predicts cold and dry conditions this week

Ms Kirkwood added: “We’re still going to have all this cloud across the North.

“Clear skies in the South, which means we will once again see a widespread frost.

“Now temperatures in parts of England and Wales could fall as low as -4C, and possibly -5C.

“So some of this fog will be freezing.”


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London, Cardiff, and Birmingham also have been given a yellow warning.

Warnings have also been given to the British public from the UK Health Security Agency, due to freezing temperatures in the UK (UKHSA) 

The Level two alert has been given and Brits are being encouraged to stay warm and to look out for people most at risk from the negative effects of the arctic weather.

The Met Office has also said to expect delayed travel services in certain parts as the difficult foggy weather conditions can interfere with visibility, which could, unfortunately, lead to some travel cancellations.

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