BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of heavy rain across UK as temperatures spike

BBC Weather: Wind and cloud predicted for Tuesday with some rain

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said there would be two major wet weather fronts that grip the UK this week. Much of the country will be hit with cloudy conditions and heavy rain as well as strong winds. In addition to this, temperature will remain unseasonably warm and could reach as high as 18C in some parts.

Ms Kirkwood said: “The weather is certainly interesting this week.

“To start with today it is going to unseasonably mild.

“We do have a weather front crossing us bringing some rain and then another one comes in on its heels.

“This one is going to be with us until Friday, looking at those squeeze isobars tells us it is going to be windy.

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“We already have this rain from the first weather front in Northern Ireland, western Scotland, parts of Wales and northern England.

“We have had a bright start to across north east Scotland but through the morning as this weather front starts to move from the west to east the cloud will build ahead of it. 

“It will clear in Northern Ireland, you will be left with a fairly dull day with the odd shower.

“You can see the rain will be extending through north west England through Wales.

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“Generally, in the west today, there will be a lot of cloud and some murky conditions.

Ms Kirkwood noted that despite the heavy rain through this week, temperatures will still remain in the high teens

She said: “We do have this weather front draped across northern England, in through Northern Ireland, north Wales.

“It will be coming into Scotland too, in through southern Scotland and parts of the highlands.

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“But either side of it we are looking at some bright skies, some showers, and as we push further south again a fair bit of cloud.

“Temperatures could get up to 18C.”

On Wednesday Stornoway is expected to have the lowest temperature of 13C.

While Norwich, Hull, and London could see highs of 18C.

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