BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of ‘ice risk’ across Britain as temperatures plunge

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts cold temperatures for UK

Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast there will be wintery showers and gusts of winds throughout England and Scotland. The BBC Weather meteorologist added that temperatures are expected to be between 3C and 6C degrees but will feel colder due to the gusty winds. 

Ms Kirkwood said: “There will be wintery showers across northern England and parts of Scotland.

“It will still be quite gusty although not quite as gusty as it was yesterday.

“Out to the west of the UK, this is where we will hold onto the dry conditions and before it gets dark, we will see that sunshine.

“Towards the east is where we are prone to some showers.

“Temperature-wise we are looking between 3C and 6C degrees.

“With gusty winds, if you are exposed to them it will feel colder than suggested.”

She added: “Through this evening and overnight we hang onto the rain coming in.

“There will be some clear skies, frost and a risk of ice on untreated surfaces as there is this morning.”

UK Weather: Met Office issues snow warning

On Monday, the Met Office has issued two new weather warnings in place until 11am tomorrow, January 5.

The Met Office said: “Snow is likely mostly for hills above 200-300 m.

“Some small accumulations are possible with southeast Scotland and northeast England most at risk.

“Here 2-5 cm is possible in places above 300 m and 10 cm above 400 m though ice looks likely to be the main hazard.”


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Exacta Weather’s James Madden has outlined the long-term weather trends for January and early February. 

He said: “Around the end of this week we could start to see bands of stormy weather coming in off the Atlantic clashing with the colder conditions across the UK.

“This will bring some hazardous conditions with the risk of ice storms and potentially heavy snow in parts of the country.

“January will continue with the cold theme with temperatures featuring near or below the seasonal average.”

He added: “While February is showing signs of more changeable weather conditions, there will be widespread frosts and some transient snow to contend with as winter tries to cling on.”

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