BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns Storm Corrie still packing a punch amid 50mph gales

Storm Corrie ‘still packing a punch’ says Kirkwood

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Carol Kirkwood has warned BBC Breakfast that the weather this week is likely to be “topsy turvy” as the UK continues to experience the tail end of Storm Corrie. High winds of 50 miles per hour are included in the latest forecast with the Met Office having issued an amber weather warning for wind across parts of eastern England and the Northeast of England.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “This morning while it is pretty windy still we’ve got storm Corroe still pulling away from our shores but still packing a punch.

“Last night it created gusts of wind 92 miles an hour in Stornoway and also Inverbervie.

“This morning, well you can see where it is out just heading into the North Sea and continuing to pull away and behind it we still do have tightly packed isobars so it still is going to be windy.

“But the Met Office has a yellow weather warning out for this storm now, producing 50 to 60 mile an hour gusts of wind across parts of eastern England and the Northeast of England.

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She continued: “Large waves along the coast. Inland gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour so still the risk of some travel disruption around for a wee while yet.

“The other thing this morning is the risk of ice across the northern half of Scotland.

“Here we’ve got some wintry showers.

There’ll be a lot of dry weather around today. A few rain showers coming in across Northern Ireland, northwest England, Wales down towards the Midlands they’ll tend to push westwards as we go through the course of the afternoon. 

Weather: Yellow warning issued for incoming Storm Corrie

Ms Kirkwood added: “And these are the wind gusts left behind storm Corrie so still pretty windy through the whole day but not as strong as first thing this morning.

“Temperature-wise feeling cool. We’ve got three two to about nine degrees as a range of maximum temperatures, but add on that cold northwesterly wind, and you certainly will notice it.

“As we head on through the evening and overnight more substantial rain comes in across Northern Ireland, Scotland, gets into parts of western England and Wales and it pushes eastwards behind it will see occurrence in the sky and it will be cool in eastern areas but the hint of something milder coming our way across Northern Ireland with overnight lows of eight degrees.

“So as we go through tomorrow, you can see how we’ve got the milder air ensconced initially in the South, then we’ve got this cold front sinking south the isobars still telling you that we are looking at Windy conditions. 

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“So here’s our cloud associated with that front heading south with its patchy rain, cloudy skies and sunshine behind, a few showers coming in in the northwesterly wind and it still will be noticeably windy.”

“These are the gusts that you can expect. Temperature-wise you’ll notice this as well temperatures 11 to about 13 degrees, so much milder than it’s going to be today,” added the meteorologist. 

“But the weather’s gonna be topsy turvy this week into Wednesday we’re looking at a mild day marquee cloudy and breezy and then as we head towards the latter part of the week, you can see the model there is still across us initially but as a cold front sink side, but cold air sinks on behind it and that isobars telling you once again telling you it’s going to be quite windy.

“So eventually that cold there reached the whole of the UK by the time we get to Friday, maybe some wintry showers on Friday would especially in the north.”

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