BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns temperatures to plummet You will feel the difference!

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts frost

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BBC Weatherwoman Carol Kirkwood has forecast frost to hit the UK with temperatures set to drop in November from the above-average spell Britons enjoyed in October. Ms Kirkwood warned BBC Breakfast viewers that they would “notice the difference” when stepping out as the cold weather begins to take hold. The BBC Weather host also predicted rain showers and blustering winds to move in over the next couple of days. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “As we head into the first week of November, we’re looking at Sunshine and blustery showers.

“It’s going to be cool at times through the course of the day as Nina said, with some frost and some fog for some of us.

“The low pressure that brought all the wet and windy weather yesterday is pulling away but you can see from the isobars around Glasgow but also western parts of Scotland through the Irish Sea we still have gusty winds.

“It’s windy everywhere, and there’s quite a lot of rain and quite a few showers

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The weather presenter said: “Some of which have been thundery as we have gone through the course of this morning as well.

“So we are going to hang on to the rain across the far north of Scotland for much of the day.

“Still windy especially in the north.

“Come South we’re back into something brighter, single rays of sunshine and some showers.”


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Ms Kirkwood continued: “Northern Ireland and areas adjacent to the Irish Sea coast again windy w  this band of rain sinking south through northern England and into North Wales and as we come South we will see some beautiful sunrises this morning but there will also be some showers around as well, some still have the potential to be thundering.

“Through the day as this second band of rain sinks south cycle it will tend to break up and fragment generally we hang on to this other band of rain and then it really is a day of sunshine and showers.

“The winds easing for most except for the north of Scotland through the day.

“These are our temperatures nine to about 14 degrees. 

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“The average is nine to 12 degrees so we’re not too far off today.”

She added: “We’ve also got a keen northerly wind so this is when it’s going to feel quite cool if you are out in it, but there will be a fair bit of sunshine.

“But notice how the temperatures are coming down, we’re barely if any figures in the north getting into double figures seven to about nine degrees come for the SouthWe’re looking at up to 12 or 13 degrees.”

“Once again, it is going to feel chilly temperatures each to about 11 or 12 degrees. And when you think this time last week temperatures were above average by day and by night. It most certainly is not going to be the case this week. So you really will notice the difference,” warned the Weather presenter.

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