BBC Weather: Dense fog and freezing conditions forecasted in UK

BBC Weather: Fog risk as temperatures plummet

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The BBC weatherman forecasted a grey misty start to the day. And warned that some Britons will still be experiencing some fog, which will clear as we head on into the day. He also warned that the foggy conditions may slow some morning commutes. Mr Taylor warned that there may be a few outbreaks of rain showers around the Thames.

Mr Taylor said: “There is more of that grey misty murky weather around through today for most of you.

“A few sunny spells breaking through as I’ll show you, staying a little bit on the chilly side.

“Now fog is not quite as extensive this morning as it was, it may be quite misty.

“But here is where the foggiest spots are to get you through the morning rush hour.

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Mr Taylor added: “Down towards some parts of South West England around through the borders of North East Wales.

“Around the borders of South East Scotland and Noth East England and towards Moray Firth.

“This is where we’ve got some dense patches of fog, that will slow your morning commute.

“Coldest of all, although the clearest of skies through the night are across parts of Northumberland borders.

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UK weather: Met Office forecasts fog and cloudy skies

“These spots, although we have got some fog forming in these areas.

“Also the areas most likely to see a little bit of sunshine first thing.

“A little bit of sunshine breaking through parts of Wales and the South West every now and again.

“A few showers around the Thames estuary potentially and then later on Nothern Ireland and then into the Western Isle, we’ll see some thicker cloud and some outbreaks of rain.

“Elsewhere the cloud is thick and we’ll see some drizzle.

“And with temperatures this afternoon, well let’s call these the optimistic temperatures if you get a bit of brightness for many of you it will be around 4-5 degrees.”

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