BBC Weather: Europe to see ‘heavy snowfall’ as ‘risk of flooding’ soars ahead of weekend

BBC Weather forecast 'unsettled' conditions across Europe

BBC Weather meteorologist Stav Danaos forecast unsettled weather across the Mediterranean for the weekend. He added that a big area of pressure will bring wet and windy weather to the United Kingdom on Sunday.

Mr Danaos said: “There is some very unsettled weather across the European continent for this weekend.

“We have got an area of low pressure which has been affecting Greece and the Balkans.

“There is another area of low-pressure diving into the Mediterranean.

“That will bring heavy rain for Italy and it will stay windy for the southwest of France.

“There is a risk of flooding in northern Spain and the chance of some very heavy snowfall again on the Pyrenees.

“It will be very unsettled in Greece, the Balkans, Turkey and the Mediterranean.

“It will stay cold here as well so there will be an increased chance of snow.

He continued: “For the northeast of Europe, it will remain very cold, temperatures are struggling and there will be areas of sleet and snow.

BBC Weather: UK set for 'pleasant' sunshine as cold air moves out

“There will be some grey patchy cloud around and some early morning fog too.

“Into Sunday and you can see it is very wet in the southeast of Europe.

“We have got a big area of pressure that will bring wet and windy weather to Ireland and the British Isles.”

On Friday morning, BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor warned that an area of low pressure will move across the UK through the weekend. 


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Mr Taylor said: “We should be frost-free into Saturday. As we move from Saturday night into Sunday a more active area of low pressure starts to push its way into the UK.

“The winds will get that bit stronger. Those winds are coming in from a more southernly direction, which means we will see some milder air gradually working its way into our shores.

“This weekend will not be as cold as it has been recently. Although we will experience heavy, persistent rain pushing its way northwards.

“It will also be a windy one. Temperatures above where we should be at this time of year. Up to 14C in the south and west of the UK, in the sunnier areas.”

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