BBC Weather: Heavy thundery showers forecasted to pummel the UK

BBC Weather: Heavy thundery showers forecasted for the UK

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The BBC weatherwoman predicted cooler conditions and temperatures drop slightly. And outbreaks of rain that will be on and off across regions of the country. Ms Kirkwood forecasted heavy thundery showers in the North and Eastern parts of the UK The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for tomorrow, as windy conditions are expected to pummel Western regions of the UK and Northern Ireland.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning it is again a windy start to the day.

“Especially across the Southern half of the country, and we’re looking at the wind continuing with us as we go through the course of the rest of this week.

“The other thing is there will be rain on and off as we currently have.

“And it’s gradually going to turn cooler.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “We’re not entering the next Iceage by any means.

“Temperatures are just going to be closer to where you would expect them to be at this stage in November.

“So what’s been happening is we’ve had low pressure moving across the South.

“All this cloud is associated with it and all this cloud has been producing some rain.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts blustery showers

“It’s been heavy, and behind it we have got some heavy and thundery showers following on.

“And as we go through the course of the day those showers will continue, and we still will have strong winds across Southern England and South Wales.

“And especially around the Channel coast, and the rain continues to edge up into the Northern Isles.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Now in between, there will be some brightness and after relatively light winds in the North.

“The wind will freshen as we go through the course of the day here.

“These white circles represent the sustained windspeeds, the gusts will obviously be much higher than that.

“And temperature-wise, temperatures lower than yesterday 12 to about 16 degrees.”


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