BBC Weather: Windy conditions and wet weather forecasted for UK

BBC Weather: Wet weather forecasted for most regions in the UK

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The BBC weatherwoman forecasted conditions changing in the UK as we head into the evening and overnight. Ms Kirkwood predicted outbreaks of rain in Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and the South Coast. The North, West and Eastern regions of the country can also expect a wet weather front. And the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning in Northern Ireland due to heavy rain.

Ms Kirkwood said: “What we have today is an area of low pressure bringing in some fronts which means some rain.

“For many of us, it’s a dry start, it’s a relatively mild start for the time of year as well.

“Just one or two showers ahead of the rain.

“But the rain will march in across Western Scotland and Northern Ireland, where it will be particularly heavy.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “And with it, we will see the wind strengthen as well.

“These are the temperatures today, 12 to about 18 degrees.

“And by the end of the afternoon, we will be seeing more showers coming in across the South Coast.

“And the wind here too will start to pick up.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “So through this evening and overnight the showers move North.

“Followed in hot pursuit by another band of showers, the rain in the West also pushes towards the East.

“So there is quite a lot going on, if you’re out trick or treating, take your umbrella with you.

“And that the wind as I mention, will be a feature of the weather across the English Channel tonight.

Ms Kirkwood added: “So all the areas adjacent to it including the Channel Islands.

“Temperature wise we’re looking at about 10 to 13 or 14 degrees, North to South.

“So still mild, tomorrow all this rain clears quite quickly from the North-East and then we are left with some sunshine but also some showers.

“A lot of the showers will be in the West and in the South and some of those could well be heavy and also thundery.”


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