Beast from the East fears as UK set to be blasted with freezing temperatures

A rare polar weather front could blast Brits as it gathers pace and heads to our shores.

Scenes similar to those witnessed during the notorious 2018 'Beast from the East' could be on the horizon, according to The Mirror.

It reported a ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming’ – or SSW – could be due to strike at the end of February.

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The weather formation caused the killer ice blast five years ago and saw travel chaos across the country that led to tragic weather-related deaths.

According to The Met Office, sudden stratospheric warming describes an event when rapid warming occurs high up in the stratosphere. However, it can lead to changes in our weather.

The Met Office website reads: "The term sudden stratospheric warming refers to what is observed in the stratosphere: a rapid warming (up to about 50 ­°C in just a couple of days) between 10 km and 50 km above the earth’s surface.

"This is so high up that we don’t feel the ‘warming’ ourselves. However, usually a few weeks later, we can start to see knock-on effects on the jet stream which in turn affects our weather lower down.

"However, the stratospheric sudden warming doesn’t happen every year and it doesn’t always affect our weather when it does."

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More immediately, however, the forecaster said the next few days will be "largely dry and settled".

A five-day forecast for Monday read: "Mostly dry with variable cloud and sunny spells once early fog [and] low cloud clears. Cloudier again across parts of central and eastern England. Breezy in north and west."

The Tuesday for Thursday outlook added: "Mainly fine initially with overnight fog clearing. Rain spreading west Wednesday but dry far southeast. Further rain Thursday, mainly in the west, but dry and bright in the north."

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