Beautician with ‘no qualifications’ faces jail after ‘mangling’ client’s lips

A wannabe beautician faces jail-time for allegedly botching a lip surgery leaving a woman’s face “mangled”.

Police officer-turned-influencer Anastasia Fokina has built an Instagram following for her makeovers.

But the Instagrammer is being accused of faking her qualifications and carrying out sketchy surgeries.

One client said her lips were left mangled when she went for a contouring treatment with Fokina.

She suffered lumps and haemorrhages in her lower lip, according to evidence in the forthcoming trial.

The unnamed “victim” found that the beautician’s qualifications were “fake” and she had “no medical training at all” despite carrying out lip and nose jobs, neck treatments and “chin corrections”.

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Fokina – who used the name Anastasia Boyarskaya and is in her 30s – now faces court charged with offering medical services without qualifications causing harm to human health.

She faces up to three years in jail if convicted.

Other clients have complained at the appalling and unhygienic conditions of her “clinic” in her flat in the city of Kemerovo.

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Her Instagram account has 86,500 followers, in which Fokina highlights the results of surgery she has undergone.

Previous clients complained that her status as a former policewoman meant that law enforcement refused to act on complaints.

One former client Anzhela said: "She did my lips but I had to inject special protein to dissolve her awful work…

“She is an ex-cop, there were numerous complaints, but no action (until now).”

Fokina, a married mother of two, also posts videos on TikTok in which she shows of her hair and lips.

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