Beauty queen Brit soldiers filled lips branded a national security threat

A squaddie has hit back at trolls who criticised her beauty treatments and labelled her lips a "national security threat".

British Army soldier Georgie Goodey, 27, won the Miss Essex beauty pageant in 2019 after swapping her military boots for high heels and has held the title for the last three years.

But she’s had to face endless criticism from keyboard warriors commenting on her pictures.

"I think for every one positive comment there were 10 negative ones. Most of the time they were from people I don't know, a lot don't live in the UK and I imagine they have nothing better to do with their time," she said.

"I had some really quite awful comments about the fact I'd ruined my face, that my dog is more attractive than me and that I shouldn't be in the military because of the work I'd had done on my face".

Georgie said:"I saw one comment that the enemy would see my lips before they saw me, so I would highlight the entire British military to the enemy because of the work I've had done to my face.

"They suggested I'd be more visible to the enemy because my lips are too big. They'd see my lips before they could see the rest of the platoon and I'd put everyone else in my platoon under threat. It's ridiculous.

"The biggest backlash I had was people commenting that I shouldn't be allowed to compete in beauty contests because I've had too much work done to my face.

"My eyebrows are semi-permanently tattooed on, I've had Botox and lip fillers. I suppose I've had quite a lot of that over the last few years.

"I probably have my lips done every six months and the same with the Botox, but I think that's quite common now because it's so accessible.

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"I think what's frustrating about the comments is I'm a huge believer in women having the choice and not criticising each other for making that choice.

"Personally I don't see me having lip fillers and Botox any differently than me going to the gym and getting the body I want.

"At first, I told myself I wouldn't read the comments because others had seen them before I had and told me some of them were very nasty.

"But I couldn't help myself, it was curiosity and part of me wishes I hadn't."

Now Georgie claims she'll come back stronger than ever after hiring a new coach, getting a new sponsor and having launched new charity events in a bid to win the title of Miss Great Britain this autumn.

"My current sponsor for Miss Great Britain is also a psychotherapist and deals with a lot of women who have body dysmorphia or eating disorders.

"It takes a lot of time to learn to accept yourself and not just be comfortable with yourself, but with other people challenging that. I do get insecure and I do worry that I could be thinner, or prettier, but I think that's really normal.

"It's recognising that it's okay to feel like that and it doesn't take away from your worth as a human being.

"On October 21, 2022, it's the final of Miss GB. I'm aiming for first place. I feel like it could be third-time lucky.

"I've learnt so much from competing over the last few years and I feel like I've done the work this year to try and win the crown”.

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