Betfred gambler in High Court battle over £1.7m jackpot payout he never received

A Betfred gambler who won a whopping £1.7 million never received his payout and is in a High Court battle to get his winnings.

Andrew Green, a single dad from Washingborough, Lincolnshire, could be days away from getting a payout if the court agrees.

He has been fighting with the company for more than two years.

He celebrated becoming a millionaire for five days, when he won playing a blackjack game on Betfred's website, reports LincolnshireLive.

But his dreams crumbled when the company told him there had been a "software malfunction" which caused the jackpot win and so his winnings were void.

Mr Green, who has been trying to get his money says he won fair and square, and claims no evidence has ever been presented to confirm the software problem.

He is now suing the company at the High Court next week.

He said: "They have no reason not to pay me in my opinion. If there was a glitch, that's between Betfred and the software provider.

"When I won, Betfred congratulated me on being a millionaire and they did so for five days.

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"They led me to think I was one, even advising me to open a number of bank accounts to spread my winnings across with it being such a vast amount.

"Then after five days I got a phone call out of the blue, saying there had been a software glitch which caused the £1.7million payout and so they would not be paying me.

"In this time I have never received any evidence of this glitch."

The dad, 53, says he was offered £60,000 with a non-disclosure agreement but turned it down.

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He won the £1.7 million jackpot playing Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven game in January 2018.

He carried on playing after winning the money and won a further £423, totalling his winnings to £1,772,923.54.

He said: "I could not believe what I had won. I phoned Betfred and even got them to read back to me the final figure and that's when they first congratulated me.

"I thought all my Christmases had come at once.

"I am a single parent, I've had four heart attacks and received heart treatment 11 times and all of a sudden I thought my life was going to be a lot better.

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"Ever since those first five days, it's been an absolute nightmare."

He claims he feels 'robbed' and the fight for the winnings has caused stress, anxiety and upset.

Mr Green's lawyers said if Betfred lose, this will be a groundbreaking ruling because their terms and conditions have never before been subject to any judicial scrutiny before.

If his application to the High Court is successful, Betfred will be ordered to pay out more than £2million – including nearly three years interest on his jackpot plus all of his legal costs.

If Mr Green loses, there will be costs to pay to Betfred, but he will not lose his right to a full trial where technical evidence of the alleged malfunction could be brought forward for the first time.

A spokesman from Betfred told LincolnshireLive: “The case is currently progressing at court and it is therefore inappropriate for us to comment further.”

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