Biden dealt blow in home state as local Trump voters predict ‘landslide’ win for President

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Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has been rallying support in the key election battleground of Pennsylvania. It’s where the Democratic nominee was born but the state swung to Donald Trump in 2016, which helped carry him to the White House. There are fears in the Biden camp the same could happen this election with support and passion for the incumbent leader still strong, as Sky correspondent Mark Stone revealed in a report.

Only hours after the former Vice President’s event was announced, a counter-rally mobilised.

Through the morning, Trump supporters mustered themselves a sizeable crowd for the small town of Dallas.

Mr Stone told viewers: “This may be Joe Biden’s childhood backyard – he grew up 30 miles away.

“But it was the votes of these people in 2016 who swung it for Trump then, and they say the’ll do it again.”

Supporter Greg Brannan told Sky: “Biden thinks he’s going to walk away with Pennsylvania because he thinks he’s from here.

“But it’s far from it. I still think it’s close, it could go either way.

“But it’s not a shoe-in for Vice-President Biden by any means.”

Locals Susan Gillespie and Joyce Gebhardt also expressed their enthusiasm for the President declaring: “It’s going to be a landslide!”

Biden supporters queued up for the drive-rally in cars.

However, behind them, Trump loyalists followed on foot.

Mr Biden decided to take a back road into the rally as a result.

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However, the Republican candidate supporters moved their position to catch his car blockade entering.

They could be heard chanting: “Go home, Joe!”

Inside the pop-up rally, rock star Jon Bon Jovi gave a small concert to warm up the crowd.

Mr Biden told supporters: “10 days left to go. As my high school and college coach used to say in football, it’s go time!

“It’s go time now. It may come down to Pennsylvania and I want to let you know I believe in you.”

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