Bigfoot dung can be easily confused for human poo warns experienced hunter

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Bigfoot dung in the woods can be easily confused as belonging to a bear or even a human, claims an experienced hunter.

If tracking the elusive giant was easy then we would probably have far more evidence of its existence but that has not stopped cryptoid enthusiasts going looking for it.

Beasts of the World: Hairy Humanoids author Andy McGrath has devised a list of tell tale signs that the primarily nocturnal and solitary Bigfoot is close by.

Andy told the Daily Star that despite the secretive creatures being naturally inquisitive animals attracted to human activity, they prefer to keep their distance.

That is unless we are intruding on bigfoot territory, in which case they will throw rocks, sticks and even howl to intimidate ramblers, Andy says.

Much like a skunk, the beast has also been reported to produce a strong overwhelming stench as a deterrent to others.

When it comes to looking for the species in America's north western forests, Andy says its footprints are an obvious place to start.

He said: "As its name implies, Bigfoot has BIG feet! Which in appearance are superficially similar to those of human feet; albeit on a much larger scale (averaging between 14 – 18 inches in length).

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"It has a flat foot, that is broader and wider than humans and that appears to display unusual mid-foot flexibility; commonly known among Bigfoot researchers as the ‘midtarsal pressure ridge’."

Beyond foot prints, recognising bigfoot poo or scat from other animals is a skill many hunters are trying to learn.

Andy explained: "Scat can provide useful insight into the dietary habits of hairy humanoids, however it should be noted that no one knows what their scat should look like.

"It is presumed that many of these animals are omnivores and that their scat may be similar in content and appearance to a bear or human, albeit on a larger scale.

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"Unfortunately without resorting to DNA analysis, it is visually impossible to determine that you are looking at Hairy Humanoid scat.

"It is therefore imperative that other, clear signs (tracks, hairs, preferably even a sighting) be present, before resorting to the fiscally prohibitive route of DNA testing."

A third sign to keep an eye out for is hair caught on branches and bushes which can could be proof that bigfoot has recently walked through the area, according to Andy.

He said: "Many hair samples that defy identification as known species, have been attributed to various Hairy Humanoids over the years.

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"This is because hair is seen as easier evidence to obtain, due to its natural resistance to decay and its lack of appeal to scavengers."

What hair to look out for? A professor at Idaho State University's Department of Biological Sciences has some ideas.

"Bigfoot researcher, Professor Jeff Meldrum advises that researchers look for hairs that have parallel-sided shafts, with blunt, worn tips, anywhere up to several inches long."

Andy's Beast of the World: Hairy Humanoids can be bought here.

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