Bloke comes back to life in his coffin after trying to fake his own death

A ‘dead’ bloke who allegedly came back to life in his coffin is under investigation after it was claimed he faked his own death to avoid debt collectors.

Going only by the initials U.S, the 40-year-old man was in his coffin, an open casket, when people tried to loosen his clothes.

But when someone seems to check his breathing, laying the palm of their hand over his face, the scene changes and he can be seen moving on a trolly in a hospital.

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The man and his unnamed wife, of south Jakarta, are understood to have hired an ambulance to pick up a coffin and then drive them to their home.

Reportedly from the Rancabungur District, Bogor Regency, Indonesia, they told the ambulance driver they were going to collect a family member’s body after they passed away.

The woman then returned alone from a stop on their journey.

She told the driver her husband had left and wouldn’t be riding with them the rest of the way to where they were going.

Local media sources report that the man had in fact snuck into the empty coffin and taken up a place there.

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Reports claim that in order to make his ruse as convincing as possible, U.S is understood to have taken some drugs that would have given the appearance to anyone inspecting him that he was in fact dead.

The trouble is, it doesn’t seem like they worked properly, leading to the calamity that later unfolded.

At the Bogor General Hospital, efforts to get an official declaration of death fell through when it turned out that he wasn’t, and no death certificate was issued to the very much alive chap.

Iman Imanuddin, the chief of Bogor General Hospital said that the ambulance driver was told by the wife that the couple were staring down the barrel of massive debts and had been having debt collectors turning up at their door.

The hospital refused to provide any comment to reporters other than that they had treated the man and he later discharged himself.


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