Bloke finds out mum was murdered in grisly fashion after googling her name

A man only found out his mum had been murdered when he googled her.

Reece Maddick, 30, was trying to find his birth mother, Linda McArity, when he made the grim discovery.

The adopted dad of one had maintained on-off contact with her throughout his life. But he grew worried when she didn’t call him for the third Christmas in a row.

He was horrified to learn last month that she had been garroted in her flat by a drug user in 2018.

Reece said: “I found out on Google. I said, 'I feel like something horrible has happened’ but I had no idea.

“I was alone, it was 2am on a Monday night. I googled her name and the article came up. It was horrible.”

Ian Kerr was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to 17 years’ jail. But nobody told Reece and he says the police’s
failure to track him down denied him a chance for closure, as he missed Linda’s funeral and Kerr’s trial.

Police apologised but claim they did not know he existed. Reece does not believe this as there were photos of him in Linda’s flat and his number was on her phone.

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Officers say they informed his aunt Donna Sayers as next of kin, who did not mention him – which she disputes, according to Reece.

He and his twin brother were adopted by Alan and Carol Maddick when they were toddlers.

Reece was allowed to maintain contact with Linda and she visited him around once a year.

He decided to stop seeing his mother aged around 16 because she was taking drugs. But the two maintained contact and she would call around their birthdays, which fell over the Christmas period.

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Linda’s body was found with a bag over her head, bound with two shoelaces, in her flat in Poplar, east London.

Drug addict Kerr, an acquaintance of Linda’s, was high on Spice when he killed her, he admitted.

Reece, of Leeds, West Yorks, wants to write to Kerr so he can try to understand why he killed Linda.

He plans to tell his 10-year-old son about what happened when he is old enough.

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A Met Police spokesman said: “Our thoughts remain with Linda’s family who we know will still be coming to terms with what happened.

“At the time of Linda’s death, officers from the Met, including a specialist family liaison officer, were in close contact with one of her siblings.

“No information was provided to officers in relation to any children that Linda had.”

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