Bloke launches search for holiday sweetheart he met on rugby trip 12 years ago

A man has started searching for his teenage sweetheart who he met while on holiday to France 12 years ago.

Jordan Scott, 25, recently found several love letters from his former sweetheart, Katie, which left him feeling “heartbroken”.

The 25-year-old from Hull, East Yorkshire, is now desperate to reconnect with his former crush.

The pair met when Jordan was 14 and he went on a Hull KR rugby trip to Perpignan, Hull Live reports.

Jordan went for a swim at the hotel pool where he was staying and met a 13-year-old girl named Katie he "liked the look of".

He said: "She made me laugh and smile".

Sadly, the romance didn't survive the distance when Jordan returned home to East Yorkshire and Katie went back to her home in the West Midlands.

While away from one another, Katie sent a string of love letters to Jordan telling him how much she "loved him".

One of the letters said: "My world lights up when I see you and it makes me have butterflies."

Jordan now wants to rekindle the romance with Katie, saying that reading the letters made him "heartbroken" and after all this time it "feels like I have lost a loved one".

The 25-year-old added: "At the time I stayed in touch with her, but then lost contact after so long.

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"Now I have found these letters, I want to see if I can rekindle the love and ask her questions."

In a bid to win Katie back, he shared a post on Facebook, with a picture of some of the letters and said: "Anyone know a Katie from West Midlands. Get in touch, we will have a chat, I miss you I remember we was together on holiday about 12 years ago."

One individual said: "That’s my neck of the woods.. might know her."

While another added: "Get it on Twitter Jord, hope you find your soulmate."

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