Bloke spat on for looking like Boris says hed do better job than sacked PM

A Boris Johnson impersonator reckons he would have done a “better job” than the man himself after the bungling Prime Minister resigned after a series of controversies earlier this month.

Drew Galdron, 39, isn’t completely unqualified for the job either, with a degree in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Essex.

Drew goes byFaux BoJoon social media and has been impersonating the messy-haired politician professionally for nearly 12 years.

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Speaking to the Daily Star about what the former Tory leader got wrong, Drew said: “The entire pandemic response.

“I certainly wouldn’t have wasted money for contracts on friends of friends or Conservative Party donors.

“A selfish leader surrounded by selfish ministers was only going to encourage selfish behaviour in the public.

“The Conservative Party have really reaped what they’ve sown in terms of the millions of potentially preventable Covid infections and the potentially thousands of preventable Covid deaths.”

Despite the low regard in which Drew holds Johnson’s premiership, some of the things he’s experienced while pretending to be Johnson may put him off the job.

He explained that “occasionally” people either genuinely mistake him for Johnson or realise what he’s doing but still act up “having no concept of satire”.

“A Polish guy spat vodka over me outside Parliament a few years ago because he thought I was the real Boris,” Drew recalled.

“I will say the Polish guy who spat vodka over me did apologise afterwards, and I’m kind of glad it was vodka because it evaporated quickly.

“That was a few years ago. Other than that time there hasn’t been any proper incidents of that sort of thing [mistaken identity].

Previously, Drew has spoken about some of the upsides of looking like the soon-to-be former Prime Minister.

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In 2018, before Johnson’s reputation was damaged beyond repair, he told of how is likeness attracted some saucy offers.

He said back then: “His new status has certainly helped in that department due to his sex symbol reputation.

“Looking like him has made me more popular with the ladies lately – but the only problem is I’m gay.”


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