Bloke swallowed up by sinkhole in pool tragedy that sucked him 15m underground

A man was found dead after being swallowed by a massive sinkhole that suddenly opened up at the bottom of a swimming pool at a party.

Horrified partygoers watched on as the man was sucked into the sinkhole at a work party at a villa in Karmei Yosef, Israel.

Around 50 people had been partying at the property when the ground collapsed at the bottom of the pool, causing swimmers to scramble to escape as the sinkhole drained the pool in a matter of seconds.

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The man – said to be 30 – was unable to escape and was sucked underground, The Times of Israel reports.

Rescue teams were lowered deep underground to search for the man, armed with Go-Pro cameras.

The search was made more difficult by fears that another sinkhole could open up, threatening to crush the rescue teams.

Emergency services put up a structure to prevent the surface of the pool from collapsing on them as they worked.

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After four hours of searching, the body of the man was eventually found at the end of a 15-metre tunnel.

A 34-year-old man was also dragged under by the sinkhole but was able to scramble to safety.

He suffered minor wounds to his lower body and was treated at the scene.

One of the partygoers who had witnessed the catastrophe told Israel's Channel 12: "The water level suddenly started receding and a hole opened up, creating a vortex that swept two people inside."

Another person told Ynet that the sinkhole swallowed the man in just seconds.

She said as the sinkhole opened, she shouted at her colleagues to get out of the pool – but they initially thought it was part of a game.

She said: "Seconds later, the ground just dropped… I watched two people just disappear."

Paramedic Uri Damari told The Jerusalem Post : "This is a very unusual incident.

"When I got to the scene I saw a pit that had opened at the bottom of the empty pool.

"People who were at the site told me that the pit opened suddenly and within a few seconds all the water of the pool was pulled in."


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