Bloke threatened to stab Sainsburys staff and bit cop after Wetherspoons binge

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    Police called to a disturbance in the booze aisle of a Sainsbury’s supermarket found an abusive shopper who was drunk after a Bank Holiday Wetherspoon’s binge.

    Richard Bradbury had threatened to stab terrified Sainsbury's staff in Biddulph, Staffordshire and attempted to punch the supermarket manager. He then bit a police officer's hand, claiming he had AIDS.

    Now Bradbury, of no fixed address, has been jailed for 18 months, reports Stoke on Trent Live. He admitted two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and two threats to kill as well as single charges of common assault and racial harassment.

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    Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard that staff had initially been alerted to reports of a 'woman in distress'.

    Prosecutor Andrew Molloy said: "Staff at Sainsbury's in Biddulph approached the alcohol aisle where a woman seemed to be in distress. They discovered the defendant who threatened to stab and bottle members of staff. He swung a punch at the manager. Police were called and the defendant was placed in handcuffs and arrested for the assault.

    "In a police car, the defendant started banging his head against the car window. The car was stopped and the defendant was arrested while a caged police car was requested. While on the floor, the defendant bit the left hand of one of the officers involved, saying 'I've got AIDS I have'

    "An unknown member of the public then approached the officers and asked if they needed assistance. After the officers politely declined, the defendant shouted racist abuse and foul language at the passer-by.

    "Once back at the station, the defendant continued to be aggressive, spitting and shouting at the officers. He told them 'I hope you have family because they will be smoked' and 'You will spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder'."

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    Bradbury has 20 convictions for 44 offences.

    Jason Holt, mitigating, said: "This is a thoroughly unpleasant incident. He is ashamed of his behaviour when in drink. He was not taking his medication.

    "He had been drinking in the local JD Wetherspoon. He suffers from anxiety but he had been out on the bank holiday weekend. He realised he was getting wound up and decided to leave. His friend was getting upset and entered Sainsbury's.

    "The staff were clearly concerned. The defendant has acknowledged he doesn't have any inherent racist feelings. He wanted to use language that would upset."

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    Bradbury had been drinking in nearby Bradley Green pub before going to Sainsbury's.

    Judge Paul Glenn told him: "Your behaviour was outrageous. You plainly caused concern for your female friend and then you made serious threats to members of staff who were just trying to do their jobs.

    "You made references to firearms and repeatedly made threats to staff, threatening to stab them, and threatening to shoot them. Post-arrest, there was a tirade of quite shocking racial abuse. You are a high risk of reoffending and you pose the public serious harm."

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