Bloke who lives in town dubbed UKs Chernobyl vows Ill never leave

The man living in the UK's equivalent town of Chernobyl, with the place aptly dubbed "UK's Chernobyl" has claimed he will "never leave".

Clune Park in Glasgow, Scotland, was once a bustling part of the city, with shipyard workers living there in the golden age of the 1920s industry, but it has since become a ghost town.

The Specials' track Ghost Town fits the state of Clune Park now, which boasts just four residents who are adamant on remaining right where they are.

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Marshall Craig is one of the four refusing to leave the area, having spent 20 years of their life living on the estate, where four of 430 flats are filled.

Plagued by arsonists and vandals, the town has since been abandoned by all but four people, with shops and a church all boarded up.

But Marshall, speaking to The Sun, claimed he has no intention of leaving his home as it has "everything that I need."

He said: "I have no plans to leave this area, it’s got everything that I need. There’s only four of us left now. I see one man down the end of the estate who walks his dog but that’s about it.

"They’re good houses that shouldn’t be demolished…I’ve got a great view. It’s like a castle, big thick strong walls – you don’t get any sound."

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Although he is adamant on living on the British Chernobyl estate, the place is clearly barren and desolate, with empty flats surrounding the four residents of the streets.

Pressure from the local council appears to have had little effect on Marshall and his neighbours too, with the residents unmoved by their claims.

Leader of Inverclyde Council, Stephen McCabe, had previously described the collection of homes as looking "somewhere like Chernobyl."

He added: "It is a decimated, isolated community, it is a blight on the landscape."

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