Blood-covered vegan activist brings dead lamb to supermarket in graphic protest

A notorious vegan activist has sparked controversy after she brought a dead lamb into a packed supermarket.

Infamous animal rights fighter Tash Peterson is notorious for storming pubs and restaurants during stunts.

In a video of the latest protest, the 27-year-old is seen dressed as an abattoir worker covered in blood.

She is shown standing in the meat section of the Melbourne store with a dead baby lamb, which reportedly died after freezing to death, reports

One member of her group blasts through the microphone: “All of these animals that you see were murdered against their will.

“No animal willingly walks to their death. They are dragged against the kill floor in the slaughterhouse.

“You can say you are against animal cruelty, but actions speak louder than words.”

She told Yahoo News Australia that activists had found the baby lamb frozen to death on a venue outside of Melbourne before it was used in the protest.

Tash is banned from every licensed venue in Western Australia and the move has sparked huge debate online.

One supporter called the act “brilliant” and commented on the video: “We need that here in the UK supermarkets.

“We must do this in the UK. Thank you.”

But meat lovers quickly started trolling and one user said “I love meat” whilst another added “meat’s the best”.

Tash shot to animal activism fame in 2019 after she dressed up as a blood-soaked meat worker and held a fake dead chicken under her arm.

And in March this year, she accused bemused diners at a seafood restaurant of playing a part in a “fish holocaust”.

She took to Instagram to share a video and post about the latest incident and said: “This beautiful little sweet baby was found frozen to death here in Victoria.

“Every single year 15 million lambs freeze to death in Australia.

“If you’re not vegan, YOU are responsible for her death.

“YOU pay for babies to be sent to murder factories where they suffocate to death in CO2 gas chambers (pigs), electrocuted in water (chickens) and bolt gunned in the head (baby males in the dairy industry, cows and sheep).

“Stop murdering babies, be vegan.”

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