Boating advisory issued due to high flow rates on Calgary’s Elbow River

High flow rates on the Elbow River prompted the City of Calgary to issue a boating advisory, keeping people off the fast-flowing water.

Officials said people should stay off the Elbow from April 29 to May 1, adding that includes boaters and those wanting to do any other watercraft activities.

“To manage springtime runoff, the Glenmore Reservoir will be gradually releasing water,” team lead of river engineering Sandra Davis said in a news release.

“The expected flow rates will be higher along the Elbow River for the next several days.”

According to Calgary Fire Department public information officer Carol Henke, those flow rates are going to exceed the threshold for water activities.

“Although the increase in water flow is temporary, out of an abundance of caution, we are issuing a boating advisory,” Henke said.

In addition to keeping off the water, the city advises Calgarians:

  • Exercise caution around river banks as the fast-moving water can cause erosion and destabilization of river banks
  • Warn their children about the dangers of fast-moving water, particularly those residents who live near the rivers
  • Cyclists and pedestrians should watch for low-lying areas where the river can submerge the Elbow River pathways
  • Keep pets away from fast moving water
  • Remove lawn furniture and other portable items off the river bank

Anyone using Calgary’s waterways are encouraged to be up to speed on the city’s safety bylaws and safety alerts listed online at They can also check flow levels at

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