Bodybuilder with broken sex doll bride wants to make love to clone of himself

A bodybuilder who married a sex doll now wants to have sex with a clone of himself – with his wife still broken.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, tied the knot with Margo at a ceremony attended by dozens of guests last November.

However, she tragically broke towards the end of last year – ruining what would have been their first Christmas together.

Yuri earlier told the Daily Star it “will be a gift for both of us” when she is finally repaired.

On Sunday, January 24, he reassured his Instagram followers that Margo is “getting better” and “will be home soon”.

In the meantime, Yuri has embarked on a journey of sexual exploration.

He shared a video of himself stroking and tearing flesh off a chicken to achieve autonomous sensory meridian response – a tingling sensation that can produce sexual pleasure.

Yuri wrote: “In different cultures, there is a tradition when a man has several wives.

“It will probably be the same for me. Margo will be the eldest wife, but I will have other younger wives and husbands.

“I respect Margo, I love her. Therefore, I will not purchase another sex doll girl (Margo will be the only one).”

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However, Yuri would accept a cloned doll that is a copy of himself, adding: “I will enjoy having sex with myself.”

Earlier this month, Yuri suggested he was “cheating” on Margo with a strange object.

He posted a video on Instagram of himself touching a silver object with small ridges while wearing nothing but his underwear, writing: “Looks like I’ve got a new passion.”

Along with his interest in sexual fetishes, Yuri is also a passionate campaigner for LGBT rights.

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On October 31, he was attacked during a transgender rally in the Kazakh city.

He suffered a concussion and a broken nose after dressing as a woman for the march, posting pictures of his gruesome injuries to Instagram.

Yuri said: "I started using a female image for performances. I named this character Amanda.

"Through this image, I convey certain ideas in our society. So I was beaten."

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Yuri attended the rally dressed as Amanda and shared a video of his courageous protest and the assault that unfolded.

A man was recorded tearing off his wig before flooring him with a punch.

The next month, Yuri married Margo and offered a glimpse of the ceremony.

Sharing footage of the celebration on Instagram, Yuri wrote: “It's happened. To be continued.”

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In the video, Yuri slipped a ring onto Margo’s finger before the pair shared a tender kiss.

They then took the first dance in front of a delighted crowd.

Yuri first met Margo at a nightclub and popped the question back in December 2019.

The pair were due to get married in March this year before the coronavirus pandemic threw the world into turmoil.

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