Boris Johnson branded a ‘c***’ by Tony Blair’s ex-spin doctor Alastair Campbell

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Tony Blair's former spin doctor has labelled Boris Johnson a "c***" in a blistering opinion piece tearing into the Prime Minister for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Alastair Campbell worked as the Downing Street press secretary, director of communications and campaign director during Blair's 10-year tenure.

The 63-year-old is thought to be the inspiration behind Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed communications director from TV series The Thick Of It.

Campbell certainly hasn't shied away from his profanity-loving reputation in a new column published by the Mirror.

The op-ed ruminates on the "dystopian hell" he blames the current Tory government for creating, from soaring Covid-19 cases to a tanking economy to the absence of a trade deal a week before Brexit.

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"It is not a good sign, waking before 4am, thinking of lorry drivers, then muttering the C-word to myself as the thought of that blonde-haired, grinning, smirking, clueless clown comes into mind," he writes.

While not mentioned by name, it's clear the "clown" he means is Johnson, who Campbell accuses of causing such "chaos" it's begun to seep into his dreams.

But the Prime Minister isn't his only target — the op-ed also rips into Priti Patel ("the bullying one"), Gavin Williamson ("the Frank Spencer one") and Nigel Farage ("Kent-residing nicotine-stained man-frog").

Campbell claims he'd be better placed to handle the situation than current politicians, who he accuses of lacking empathy as well as the organisational skill of figures like the late Tessa Jowell.

"Because the blonde-haired, grinning, smirking, clueless clown in particular is less motivated by the impact of his policies and decisions on real people, than on himself, what the media say about him, and what his rich friends and donors think about him," he said.

He slammed Johnson's performance in recent press conferences, one in which he "simply ignored" when a member of the public told him she'd lost two loved ones to coronavirus, and another in which he laughed in response to a question about a no-deal Brexit.

"If the blonde-haired, grinning, smirking, clueless clown had had an overnight personality transplant, and decided that, for example, the welfare of thousands of lorry drivers stuck in their cabs without access to food or sanitation merited his attention, can you think of a single minister who would have the human and organisational skills to go down there and get a grip? No, nor can I."

Campbell finishes with a searing indictment of the UK's status in the world, which he says has plummeted under the Tories.

"Merry Christmas? … with this lot in charge, you have to be joking."

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