Boris Johnson branded alcoholic liar by Russian TV broadcaster

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been branded an "alcoholic liar" by a Russian state TV broadcaster just days after he survived a no confidence vote.

Russian anchor Olga Skabeyeva claimed the recent no confidence vote was an attempt to "get rid of the alcoholic Johnson" in bizarre claims aired on Russian television as the show shared the Daily Star's front page.

The fuming Russian broadcaster also made comments referring to the Partygate controversy, claiming Conservative members of parliament had left a Prime Minister in power who was "either lying or drunk".

Critical comments from Vladimir Putin's "Iron Doll" broadcaster came as Ukrainian officials marked Johnson as a cossack for surviving the vote of no confidence.

Johnson, who saw 211 Conservative members of parliament vote in his favour and 148 voting against him, was hit with a barrage of wild claims from Skabeyeva.

The Russian broadcaster said: "Even his dissatisfied fellow party members tried to dismantle him. But Boris eventually received a vote of confidence and was protected from resignation for a year.

"Johnson himself wanted to stop a vote at all, arguing the situation on the Ukrainian front was dire. So as usual he was cynical and hypocritical."

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A raging Skabeyeva piled on allegations that Johnson was an "alcoholic liar," and added that "by the length of Johnson's nose on the Daily Star's front page… it is not difficult to guess that he lies on a regular basis."

Sarcastic comments were left on the video, with plenty of users on YouTube agreeing with the tirade from Skabeyeva, with a commenter writing: "They've got the lying right. Not sure about the alcoholism."

One user wrote: "First bit of accurate news to come out of Russia in decades."

Another joked: "When a Russian TV host speaks more truth than our prime minister, that's when you know things are really bad."

A third commented: "That's what the UK and the public have been saying for months."

Johnson has since been honoured as a Cossack of Ukraine, with the country praising him for his moral and military support, The Sun reported.

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