Boris Johnson G7 summit: What time is emergency G7 summit? PMs appeal to Joe Biden

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The Taliban’s surge through Afghanistan has prompted a crisis in the country British and American troops once occupied, with their allies now at risk of reprisals from the insurgents. Britain joined arms with the US as it chose to invade the country in 2001, following the September 11 attacks organised by al Quaeda, which had settled in Central Asia. As the UK hopes to retain the “special relationship” across the Atlantic, Mr Johnson is expected to make an appeal to Mr Biden during an incoming emergency G7 summit.

What time is the G7 summit this week?

Mr Johnson and Mr Biden have already made contact since the fall of Kabul, with calls taking place last week and today.

On Monday afternoon, Downing Street announced the two leaders agreed to continue working together to ensure people can leave the country safely.

The spokesperson added the two leaders would drive “international action” via the G7 and UN Security Council.

The G7 – which includes the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan – has already met once this year at Carbis Bay in Cornwall.

But another meeting has now been called amid the emergency in Afghanistan.

World leaders will meet again virtually this afternoon.

The Prime Minister spearheaded the meeting, but the Government has not revealed the exact time he will talk to the US President. will update this story when more news is released.

Much of the conversation will likely revolve around withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Rumours have suggested the US is preparing to eliminate its military presence in the country.

At present, the US plans to withdraw every soldier by August 31, while UK forces will only remain while US-led evacuations continue.

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As such, analysts expect the Prime Minister will ask Mr Biden for an extension.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Johnson said G7 nations would take part in “urgent talks”.

He added it was “vital” that the international community ensures “safe evacuations” and prevents a “humanitarian crisis” while supporting the Afghan people.

Their plans hinge on Afghanistan’s new leaders, however.

While the Taliban has allowed an air bridge to stay open between evacuating nations and Afghanistan, they have drawn a “red line”.

Speaking to Sky News, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said August 31 is the latest deadline his organisation can honour.

He flatly rejected any pursuits of an extension, stating “consequences” would follow should countries overstay their welcome.

Mr Biden has also previously expressed hopes that the US “will not have to” extend evacuation efforts, having already evacuated more than 28,000 people.

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