Boy, 3, becomes youngest to join Mensa and knows to read and count in Mandarin

A three-year-old has become Britain's youngest ever member of Mensa – the prestigious high-IQ society.

Teddy Hobbs, from Portishead in Somerset, taught himself to read at age two and can also count in seven languages – including Mandarin.

Teddy has entered the exclusive club at just three years and nine months and can read entire Harry Potter novels and count to 100 in Welsh, French, Spanish and German.

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To relax, unlike many boys his age, he knuckles down with a word search.

Teddy was admitted to Mensa late last year after scoring 139 out of 160 on the Stanford Binet IQ test to the surprise of his parents, who had no idea just how brainy he was.

Beth Hobbs, 31, and her husband Will, 41, say they never expected Teddy to get into the group.

"We were told that three was the youngest age of anyone they had accepted into MENSA in the UK, though there was someone in the US aged two," Beth said.

"After he completed it we were told he was eligible by MENSA's child advisor – so we thought he may as well join.

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"We were a bit like 'pardon?'. We knew he could do things that his peers couldn't, but I don't think we realised quite how good he was."

The couple joke that a doctor in a clinic must have accidentally mixed up one of the parents DNA with a linguists, since Teddy, who is an IVF baby, has much better language skills than his parents.

"Everyone we have spoken to have been fabulous because it's been really hard to find any support, but we have no idea why he is so clever," she said.

"He doesn't currently qualify for autism or ADHD diagnoses – and because he's just so far ahead it's hard to get help for him with his learning at that age."

Teddy's hobbies are fairly left-field for a three-year-old.

"His idea of fun is that he likes to sit down and recite his times tables, and he even got so excited over fractions one time that he gave himself a nosebleed.

"He has some ideas that he wants to be a doctor one day because him and his friend likes to play doctors at nursery, but if you ask him what he wants to be he will just say he wants to focus on being a Teddy."

Mensa is was founded in 1947 and only accepts members who are above the 98th percentile of IQs worldwide, and counts Stephen Fry and author Isaac Asimov as members.


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