Boy, 4, left in tears as mum re-watches CCTV to see puppy stolen from home

A young boy was left heartbroken when he found out his new puppy was snatched from their garden.

Mum Melissa Monaghan, from Kirkdale in Liverpool, said her four-year-old son Paul has been "crying non-stop" when he woke up on Tuesday morning (Dec 7) to find his pocket bulldog Blue missing.

The 26-year-old rewatched the home security camera and noticed a person holding what it appears to be her eight-month-old puppy just outside their home on Oriel Crescent.

The dog snatcher walks down the street, heading in the direction of Stanley Road.

"Blue is like another baby, another son, to me," Melissa told Liverpool Echo.

"Paul is just so devastated. They were great friends. He got up every morning, got the dog out of his cage and played with him.

"He loved him. I've had no sleep myself, I'll be back out on the streets searching and searching until he's found."

Melissa is now appealing for any CCTV footage from the Stanley Road area or any information which could help reunite her family with Blue in time for Christmas.

Many people were quick to offer their support to the family and had their say on social media.

One said: "Give the boy his dog back whoever has him. Do the right thing and show you have a heart. The dog is probably missing his little mate too, hope he gets home."

Another added: "Imagine how the poor dog feels when it happens."

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"Poor child, someone must know where this dog is, do the right thing and give it back and make a little boy's Christmas," a third said while a fourth added: "It's not really much different to stealing someone's kid."

The mum said she has reported the alleged theft to Merseyside Police after the incident occurred between 5pm and 6pm on December 6.

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