Boyfriend accidentally sends pet dog flying with an uppercut in hilarious video

A poor dog was accidentally sent flying through air when the owner's boyfriend tried to explain cricket moves to the family.

Olly O'Hare, from Australia, uploaded the hilarious clip on TikTok showing his family pet dog, Arlo, somersaulting to the floor when his sister's boyfriend performed a sudden uppercut.

"I can confirm Arlo took it like a champ and is fine," he wrote in the caption.

The home security camera shows the man in white T-shirt standing behind a sofa while telling his girlfriend's family of his experience watching the Ashes.

He picks up his drink from the floor and takes a quick sip.

As he empties his cup, Arlo the black and white Jack Russell Terrier runs up to him on the sofa and he swings his arm up, hitting the pooch with a strong uppercut.

The tiny dog flips backwards and lands on the floor as the family watch in shock.

Olly's clip went viral with over five million views and many were concerned of Arlo after the unexpected "tackle".

He posted a video four days later and added: "Still not very good at tricks but he’s a happy healthy boy despite the tumble."

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Arlo performs a twirl and watches Olly throwing a toy out in the garden, he quickly follows but fails to pick it up.

But otherwise, the dog seems all good and responding well to other easy commands.

One dog lover said: "I'm going to hell for laughing at this so much but these comments and those on the 'he's okay after the tumble' have killed me."

"This video already made my 2022," another joked while a third added: "I can't stop laughing. Good to know that the dog is okay but the more I watch it, I found it funnier."

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