Brit couple kicked out of Australia because theyre too old to live there

A raging elderly British couple are being forced to leave their Australian home because the country has deemed them to be “too old”.

Glenn and Sheena Tunnicliff are only 57 and 50-years-old respectively, and have been living in East Sussex, Australia, since 2015.

They live their with daughters Tamzin and Molly, but have been told to leave due to bizarre new residency rules banning anyone over the age of 45 who is not an Australian national from living there permanently.

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This means that the pair will have to leave – with Sheena being forced to close her successful travel business which has three other employees. They must leave by August 4.

Speaking to local news channel 9 News, Sheena said: “We don't want to go back to the UK – we've made a life here.

“Now we are over that magic figure of 45 there is no route to PR (permanent residency) for us.

“Australia classes us as too old, but we are the ones with the experience and training.

“Australia is turning around saying, 'You're too old but we'll hang on to your kids.'”

According to Visa Envoy, there are a few routes the couple could go down to get permanent visas, but they would need to be in a high income bracket or get a skills-based visa which would require them both to change jobs.

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Another option would be for them to divorce and find an Australian partner to get a visa with..

Sheena added: “We are just a pure working family that have been caught up with all the visa changes over the years.

“For us to have to leave the country is very frustrating, there has to be something done.

“I get why they want to be tough, but I don't understand why someone's not looking at us as a family – that's the problem, the moving of the goalposts all the time, and if anything changes with your circumstances you start again.

“We never came here to go home. "

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