Brit couple sold hallucinogenic frog juice 40 times stronger than morphine

A suspected drug retreat run by a British couple, who allegedly used hallucinogenic frogs to get punters high, has been shut down.

Officers seized amphibians, cannabis, magic mushrooms and other drugs such as ayahuasca – a psychedelic tea – in the raid.

The pair reportedly used the drugs to induce mind-bending visions or trances similar to those created by traditional shamans for healing in South America.

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Punters were, police say, charged up to £88 a day for the kambo, an excretion of Amazon tree frogs said to be 40 times more powerful than morphine.

The man, 47, and woman, 52, were arrested at their home in Yecla, Spain.

A local police spokesman said: "The Guardia Civil dismantled a spiritual retreat house where shamanic healing rituals were also practised. At the time of the raid, the alleged shamans were giving an ayahuasca retreat to seven clients."

The authorities confirmed two people were held, suspected of crimes involving animals and plants.

Police seized 3kg of cannabis, 14 litres of ayahuasca, 3kg of snuff and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Officers believe "shamanic rituals were offered by a couple of British citizens over the internet".

The Spanish police added that the couple "advertised themselves as a healing house oriented to self-development groups, shamanic retreats and addiction recovery and detoxification, among others".

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Back in April 2021, a German tourist Daniel Florian went missing for a week in the jungle after drinking psychedelic tea during a visit to an indigenous reserve in the region of Putumayo, in the south of Colombia.

During his stay he joined in with an ancient shaman ritual, which involved drinking yage tea – another name for ayahuasca.

He was reported missing by his family in Munich, and seven days after his disappearance, he was discovered by Colombia soldiers.

In a video recorded by his rescuers, he told them he was "not so good".

He added: "I have been eaten by the mosquitoes and by the ants, and I had no good equipment, so I was seven days in the Amazon."


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