Brit falls 100ft off Himalayan mountain after being charged at by angry mule

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A Brit is rescued after being knocked 100ft off a mountain in the Himalayas by a mule.

Syed Bukhari was hiking in Haramosh, Pakistan, when the beast charged at him.

The 22-year-old from Walthamstow, east London, said: “I just remember the animal hitting me and me falling off the edge.

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“I didn’t realise how high we were until I was all the way down.”

Syed was quickly taken to hospital where he was treated for three separate head wounds that required a total of eight stitches.

He added: “I’m left with back pain, scars on my face, legs and back, pretty much all over my body.”

However, Syed's painful run in with an animal was nothing compared to what recently happened to the owner of an elephant in Thailand.

The animal, named Pom Pam, is said to have stabbed Supachai Wongfaed, 32, to death with its tusks when it turned "crazy" after being forced to carry wood in excessive heat.

Police were called to a rubber plantation in Phang Nga, Thailand and discovered his lifeless body in a pool of blood on Wednesday (August 18).

Pom Pam, who is aged 20, had been lifting rubberwood before the elephant turned on its owner and carried out the deadly attack.

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Asian elephants are sometimes used to carry logs in forested areas. These animals are known as "logging elephants".

Despite the cruel practice being banned in Thailand in 1989 it continues to happen in some regions.

Temperatures in the country have been a scorching 32C as of late, which investigators believe likely made the animal snap.


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