Brit in Cypriot prison accused of mercy killing wife begs to visit her grave

A British pensioner holed up in a Cypriot jail for the 'mercy killing' of his wife who was dying of blood cancer has pleaded to be let out of jail to put flowers on her grave.

David Hunter allegedly smothered the face of his wife Janice with a pillow and failed to kill himself, saying that he and Janice had a "suicide pact".

The 75-year-old, of Ashington in Northumberland, is facing a life sentence if found guilty of the pre-meditated murder of Janice, who had terminal blood cancer.

Speaking from Nicosia Central Prison in Cyprus, David also revealed how police would not let him watch Janice’s funeral procession, the Mirror reported.

Former mining colleagues Barry Kent and Kevin Barnfather visited him there last week, when his trial was adjourned until September.

Barry told the Mirror: “When we talked about what he’ll do when – not if – he gets out, he said, ‘I’m doing nothing before I go and see Janice and put flowers on her grave’.

“He tried to kill himself and was obviously in an incredibly bad way.

“But he is is adamant he’s going to fight for a not guilty verdict. He knows he’s not guilty of murder.”

However, a request by his lawyers for a charge of assisted suicide was rejected.

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His daughter Lesley Cawthorne described him as a good man, who did not deserve to spend the rest of his life in jail.

The couple moved from Ashington to Cyprus, a place they called "their paradise", when Mr Hunter retired.

Ms Cawthorne described her father as a "good man, a kind man", and her parents as always "properly in love".

"It was bit embarrassing when we were teenagers as they'd kiss in public and have pet names for each other," she said.

The daughter said that she thinks the death was assisted suicide. "I talked to my dad and he told me repeatedly about the conversations he had with mum," she said.

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