Britain set to be hotter than Turkey with highs of 21C in Indian summer

A five-day 21C Indian summer will make Britain hotter than Turkey this week amid a 500 mile-wide "subtropical swell".

But the hot spell will only hit after a second 60mph storm soaking the country on Tuesday, October 5.

After autumn’s first torment hit on Saturday, another Atlantic tempest is set to bring more washouts and gales.

But then Hurricane Sam, spinning near Iceland, will suck warm subtropical air north.

Highs of more than 20C are then due from Thursday to Monday, with 21C – 6C above average – expected in places, hotter than 19C Istanbul.

Even the North of England is due 19C.

The Met Office said dry conditions and sunny spells are due for many, with foggy mornings for some, although the North-West will see some rain and windy conditions.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “Hurricanes can have some good impacts – as Sam drives warm air north, allowing high pressure to settle things down for most of the UK.”

A Met Office forecaster said: “Monday has more showers, and wet and windy weather arrives in the South-West during the evening.

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“Rain, some heavy, and coastal gales will affect England and Wales on Tuesday.

“It will become warmer and more settled from Wednesday, with temperatures expected to be above average through the period to the weekend, with sunny spells and patchy overnight fog.

“But the North-West is forecast unsettled conditions with cloud, rain and some strong winds.”

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “There will be talk of an Indian summer if Sam shoves warm southerly winds and a marked upturn in temperatures our way.”

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