Britain the least forgiving nation in the world but US is the most, study finds

Cross Britain at your peril – as the UK is the least forgiving nation, according to an international study.

Researchers who polled 8,000 adults from seven different countries found 42% of Brits would never trust a person or business again once they’d been let down.

But the USA is most willing to let bygones be bygones (26%) of the nations surveyed, which included the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and China.

Trustworthiness is considered to be the single most important trait a person or a business can have by 94% of people from China – more than any other country.

In contrast, 74% of Germans feel the same way – the lowest proportion of all the nations polled.

The Chinese also believe they are most trustworthy, with those from the USA considering themselves to be the least deserving of someone else’s trust.

People from China find it the ‘easiest’ to put their faith in others too – while the French find this most difficult.

A spokesman for Travelzoo, which commissioned the research, said: “In carrying out the study it has become apparent different countries approach trust and trustworthiness slightly differently.

“And this goes to show just how complex a subject this is – with many conscious and unconscious reasons why we might or might not be willing to put our faith in someone or something.

“What is clear however is that being trustworthy is a highly valued trait among the vast majority of adults polled.”

As with most businesses, trust is important but 51% of all adults polled consider this to be especially important when booking a getaway.

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On this note, the study identified what assurances consumers would seek before committing to a holiday as the pandemic continues.

These include knowing that all precautions have been taken to limit COVID-19 transmission while travelling by plane, train or cruise ship (46%) and in the chosen accommodation (44%).

Promises that the destination itself is safe from the pandemic would also be important (40%), as would testing at both the airport (40%) and hotel upon arrival (33%).

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But the number one requirement would be the option of money back or being able to reschedule if travel is limited due to restrictions (50%).

In the wake of the pandemic, the travel industry’s reputation has been affected very differently when comparing European and non-European countries, namely China and the USA.

Almost half of those from North America and from China (both 47%) said they now trust holiday companies more following the outbreak.

This is much higher than the 18% of adults from the UK, France, Germany and Spain who feel the same way.

A spokesman for Travelzoo added: “There is so much pent-up demand for a holiday.

“Travel providers must take the time to listen to the reassurances bookers want before they are ready to book.”

Along with exploring attitudes towards trust, the Travelzoo study carried out through OnePoll also identified what those polled consider to be the most trustworthy companies or organisations.

Perhaps surprisingly, banks and financial institutions came top (23%), followed by charities and non-profit organisations (21%), and restaurants (17%).

1. UK
2. Spain
3. France
4. Canada
5. China
6. Germany
7. USA

1. China
2. Canada
3. Spain
4. UK
5. France
6. Germany
7. USA

1. China
2. USA
3. Spain
4. UK
= Canada
5. Germany
6. France

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