Brits horror as naked burglar dies after smashing into glass in rape attempt

A British expat has been left traumatised and in shock after a naked burglar intent on raping her smashed through a glass pane and died.

The attack took place just before Christmas, on Thursday, December 22, at the woman's luxury condominium in Salvador, Brazil.

What appears to be footage recorded on a phone captured the attacker as he smashed his way through a metal barrier outside the woman's apartment with his head. It is believed he was possibly high on drugs when he became determined to break in.

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Once at the woman's home, the man, identified as a civil servant named Jacques Freitas, head-butted a glass pane, busting his way into the building, where the British woman had been living for a year.

Freitas then walked past a Christmas tree and approached the horrified woman in order to force her to have sex with him.

In a second piece of footage, Freitas can be seen bleeding heavily after smashing through the glass pane, and leaving a trail of blood along the floor of the property.

The woman was standing by a Christmas tree as Freitas approached her, and she tried to run away.

Despite his serious injury and extensive loss of blood, Freitas removed his shorts in an effort to rape her, but she fought him off, screaming for help.

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The terrified Brit then managed to run out of her apartment and towards the condo's outdoor swimming pool with her attacker in pursuit, as seen in the final piece of footage.

But as Freitas chased her, he collapsed at the edge of the pool, apparently from loss of blood.

Local media reported that he died at the scene with police are now investigating the case.

They have since reported that they found cannabis, magic mushrooms, and other pills inside his flat.

Coroners will now determine if he was high on drugs when he committed his failed attack.

The building manager, Rita Pires, told local media: "It was a night of terror. I've never seen anything like it."

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She said of Freitas: "Even injured, he still managed to run. His hand was broken, he was limp, shaking, and he managed to run after the girl into the pool area."

And she said of the victim: "She's been living here for a year, she's in shock. Her house is full of blood, it looks like she's killed an ox.

"She's so in shock, she didn't sleep last night [Thursday], she spent the whole night awake."

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