Brits told to eat turkey outside with their gran on Christmas Day

British people have been urged to eat their Christmas outside after Boris Johnson refused to scrap Covid Christmas rules.

The Prime Minister suggested people should keep celebrations small and short and warned of higher cases in January.

Standing outside No10, Boris Johnson said: "A smaller Christmas is going to be a safer Christmas and a shorter Christmas is a safer Christmas.

"So, have yourselves a merry little Christmas and I’m afraid this year, I do mean little."

Dr Gavin Morgan, of SAGE, the scientific body that advises the government, said Government advice will soon confuse the general public, who may resort to eating outside with family members.

Mr Morgan told The Times: "We also know that if messaging is confused and unclear, then it lacks credibility.

"And people then just don’t obey and just don’t follow and end up doing what they want."

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey told The Sun: "This is a shambles by the Government — the four nations approach has completely broken down making the rules across the UK more complicated.

"Boris Johnson is advising families not to get together at Christmas because it isn’t safe, but refuses to give clear guidelines in England."

He added: "Within minutes of the Prime Minister reassuring the public that there would be no change in the laws surrounding Christmas gatherings across the UK, the Welsh First Minister confirms the law will now change in Wales."

Addressing the public, Professor Whitty said Brits have accepted there is an increased risk at Christmas, adding that scientists and politicians have been clear throughout on the risks of loosening the rules over the festive season.

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He said: "Keep it small, keep it short, keep it local and think of the most vulnerable people."

The government also suggested it would be better to wait to see elderly relatives until they have been vaccinated.

It comes as a third national lockdown looms, as Wales has announced it will be entering a strict lockdown after the festive restrictions.

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