Bungling pensioner mistakes slush machine for hand sanitiser in awkward CCTV

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A video shows a pensioner walk into a petrol station only to make a beeline for the slush machine and rub some of the liquid into his palms – presumably thinking it's hand sanitiser.

The CCTV appears to have been recorded on Tuesday, September 15, at 3.47pm in an unidentified petrol station.

In the clip, the mask-wearing pensioner rubs his hands together for several seconds after coating them in the sticky liquid – while a worker watching the footage tries to hold back laughs.

He appears to be making a conscious effort to socially distance due to the coronavirus pandemic as he waits before walking any further into the shop.

It has been watched more than 2000,000 times after it was uploaded on Twitter today.

Thousands of people said the bloke's well-meaning antics reminded them of things they often do when feeling absent-minded.

One sympathetic viewer wrote: "I can laugh now, but as those years keep rolling by, ain’t no telling what I’ll do when I’m his age."

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A second chimed in: "Bless his heart I say. I would never take the p*** out of an old boy who does that. At least he is making the effort."

Someone else commented: "Two things. Firstly at least he still has enough sense to wear a mask (and to wear it properly).

"Secondly wouldn't it be great if Slushies are the answer to Covid-19 and the old boy is cleverer than any of us!"

A few people commented that the security footage should never have been shared online and it was "mean" to laugh at him.

One critic blasted: "Let’s put CCTV of an old fella online and make fun of him."

Hand sanitiser is now provided at many shops and people have to wear face masks on public transport and in shops unless they are exempt for medical reasons

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